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The hCG diet has evolved from Dr. Simeons original protocol. You no longer need to suffer with the hunger and limited food choices of the original protocol. You have options that will give you as good or better results. Now there are multiple versions of the hCG diet. In this book we compare the original protocol, 2.0 protocol, 3.0 protocol and rogue dieting. Once you know the facts, you can choose which protocol will be right for you. This book is for both beginners and novice dieters. We have included information on the role of ketosis in the hCG diet, ways to stay on protocol while traveling or eating out, how to safely navigate your way through phase three, answer your questions about alcohol in the diet, and more.

Whats Inside HCG Diet Options

Chapter 1 – Welcome.
Chapter 2 – Dr. ATW Simeons
Chapter 3 – Studies On hCG
Chapter 4 – Effects Of hCG On The Body
Chapter 5 – Sugar Addiction
Chapter 6 – Ketosis
Chapter 7 – What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?
Chapter 8 – Duration Of hCG Treatment
Chapter 9 – Protocol Comparisons
Chapter 10 – Original Protocol
Chapter 11 – 2.0 Protocol
Chapter 12 – 3.0 Protocol
Chapter 13 – Rogue Dieters
Chapter 14 – Intermittent Fasting
Chapter 15 – Before Photos And Measurements
Chapter 16 – Phase One Loading
Chapter 17 – Meal Prep.
Chapter 18 – Traveling And Eating Out
Chapter 19 – Protein Shakes, Green Smoothies And Juicing
Chapter 20 – Hunger
Chapter 21 – Alcohol
Chapter 22 – Stalls
Chapter 23 – Dieting Tools
Chapter 24 – Phase 3 And Maintenance
Chapter 25 – Time Between Rounds
Chapter 26 – Naysayers And Critics
Chapter 27 – Choosing Which Form Of hCG To Use
Chapter 28 -Choosing A Start Date
Chapter 29 – Missed Doses
Chapter 30 – Cheat Days

Review of HCG Diet Options

As someone that has done numerous rounds of HCG I’ve had lots of miss information. This book nails every aspect of the diet. Every single question you could possibly ask about HCG there is a answer in this book. I love how it’s broken down from start to finish. My absolute favorite part in the book is: “My goal in writing the book was to teach people HOW to eat, not provide them with a temporary menu change.” As someone that has coached a lot of people on dieting, eating and working out I find that statement so very true and relateable. In this book she isn’t offering a magic fix for for weightloss, she breaks it down to make it all easier to understand. The fact that she personally cares about others and wants to help and offers people to contact her truly makes me heart happy. There aren’t a lot of people out there that are willing to do this. Sorry back to the book hahaha! I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone who asks me about HCG. I love the big print as well in the paperback. You nailed it Lara!